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Citizens of Carthage was born from a friendship between two young women. 


« We were 27 years old and we were dreaming of setting free from prejudices and work with passion. Belonging to a generation constantly searching for meaning, we decided to team up, trust each other and make it a try. We imagined our first kimonos, small series and unique pieces to wander all summer. We then decided to create our own leather bags collection in a colorful palet of shades, which honor the Mediterranean life.


Citizens of Carthage is strongly influenced by our origins: the Mediterranean Sea: South of France, Tunisia and most importantly the city of Carthage with its myriad civilizations and histories.


We support ethical production and slow-fashion, focusing on quality rather than quantity. We’re only working with craftsmen and small family owned factories. »


Dido the founder of Carthage, also known under the name of Elyssa which means "fire of God", is one of our strong inspirations.

Phoenician Princess of the kingdom of Tire (former Lebanon), Elyssa flees her kingdom following the murder of her husband by her brother. Her escapade takes her to the coasts of present-day Tunisia where the Lord of the country grants her a land the size of an ox skin. Ingenious, she delimits her territory by cutting the beef skin into very thin strips and founds Carthage.

The Carthaginian people assimilate Elisha to the Punic deity "Tanit", goddess of nature, fertility and the protection of women. Its acronym which adorns our Elisha bag is a symbol still very widespread in present-day Tunisia and on the island of Ibiza.

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